This blog is about me and my thoughts on politics, religion and society. It is the year 2008 and I live in the United States. This is in a time and place in which the middle class is either disenchanted or disinterested in the subjects of this blog. The middle class is enthralled with themselves and their consumerisms.

I don’t plan on describing their feelings or ideas too much because I don’t consider myself a part of the middle class. I consider myself in a 4th class that isn’t a part of a linear class system. My “lateral” politics and religious thoughts scream across the spectrum of politics and religion at most points.

I will be giving observations of this middle class and plan on reporting back some of their thoughts and accounts. I will also be using media of all types as sources in my posts, as every good writer knows, citing qualifies your information. Being that religion is deeply expansive and misunderstood at times, this piece may lack in citation as the deity that I choose to follow is a mysterious one at that.

Both religion and politics are both pieces of my existence. I do not believe that my purpose on this planet is to define these for all, but rather for myself and those interested in opinion. Please feel free to contact me or leave comments.

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